Will dog obedience training fix aggressive behavior?

Chances are, aggressive dogs aren’t born that way. Whether because of their history or because of their circumstances, they often developed that behavior in response to something.

Thankfully, though, this kind of behavior can be fixed with the proper training and rehabilitation from a professional dog trainer.

Here’s what you need to know about dog obedience training for aggressive behavior, straight from the experts at Russell’s K9 Academy in central Florida.

Where does dog aggression come from?

Aggression can often come from a lack of socialization, a dog’s unhappiness with their living situation, or misunderstanding of their role in your household. But, it can just as easily come from territoriality, protective instinct, fear, or possessiveness as well.

You can tell that a dog possesses aggressive behavior if it uses intimidating body language and displays of physical dominance — like teeth baring, growling, snapping, or biting — to other animals, things, or even people.

However, all of these behaviors stem from something, so it’s important to find out where the issue comes from. Luckily, that’s where a dog behavioral specialist and trainer can help you.

And don’t think that dog aggression only happens in the breeds that people usually think of as aggressive. Any dog can pick up aggressive behavior in the right (or in this case, wrong) circumstances.

Can dog aggression be fixed?

This behavioral issue must be addressed on a case-by-case basis. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to dog aggression.

If you want to successfully rehabilitate an aggressive dog, a behavioral specialist must look at how severe the issue is, how long your dog has acted this way, and your dog’s history.

Some good news: Aggression can be mitigated with the proper training, consistency, patience and preparation. However, this isn’t an overnight process -- which is why the owner’s role in the rehabilitation process is crucial.

By providing your dog with a safe environment to live in and establishing your authority as the “alpha” of the pack, you can safely and reliably rehabilitate your dog to live and socialize with people and other dogs.

Different trainers have different methods in rehabilitating aggressive dogs, so one of your biggest responsibilities during this process is finding the right trainer for your dog and your situation.

Russell’s K9 Academy rehabilitation programs help you, and your dog, get to the root of your dog’s behavioral problems — whether your dog has dominance aggression, possessive aggression, fearful aggression, or a combination of the three.

Reserve your spot for Russell’s K9 Academy training today

When you’re looking for professional dog obedience training in central Florida, turn to Russell’s K9 Academy.

As a third-generation dog trainer and behavioral specialist, we offer a variety of training and rehabilitation services for the needs of every dog owner, whether your dog’s a puppy, adolescent, adult, or senior.

When you work with us, you can choose whether to have your dog trained at your own home or at our Academy for a bootcamp with other dogs. This allows them to socialize with others in a way they might not be able to at your house.

Book your training session now by using the contact form on our website. On the other hand, if you have any questions or concerns about our services, you can reach us directly by calling (386) 265-3501.

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