Russell's K9 Academy offers Three Generations of Dog Training. Servicing Daytona Beach, FL, USA; Daytona Beach Shores, FL, USA; Port Orange, FL, USA; New Smyrna Beach, FL, USA; South Daytona Beach, FL, USA; Ormond Beach, FL, USA; Ponce Inlet, FL, USA; Holly Hill, FL, USA, Edgewater, FL, USA, Oak Hill FL, USA; Orlando, FL, USA; Deland, FL, USA; Deltona, FL, USA; Orange City, FL, US; Palm Coast, FL, USA; Flagler Beach, FL, USA; Longwood, FL, USA; Osteen, FL, USA, and Florida, USA.
We will train your dog to mimic your lifestyle that's our promise to you.

Dog Aggression Rehabilitation Training

We offer Rehabilitation for all Stages of Dog aggression for your beloved dog.

Russell's K9 Academy- is a third-generation dog trainer and behaviorist who teaches and trains you to understand the psychology behind universal laws of Canine Hierarchy pack behavior. One of his specialties is Canine aggression but offers a suite of services for all your dog's needs.

His mission? Stopping Dogs from being Euthanized because there are No Bad Dogs, just misunderstood Dogs, and that being said, No dog should be left behind because our Dogs are Family.

Off-Leash Dog Training

Our Dogs with high prey drive are E-Collar trained to work Off-Leash around other animals, and they learn to work around very high competitive distractions. Also, we train our work dogs in E-Collar work for our K9 Protection programs. When we prepare our dogs with E-Collar technology, we teach them a new and explicit language. When doing so, we MARKER Train our dogs through CLASSICAL & OPERANT Conditioning to train you an Awesome Dog and Trained Partner to mimic your lifestyle forever.

Russell K9 Academy's mission is to help every dog understand the importance of obedience and being part of a team. We work with over 360 different breeds of dogs and behavior issues. Don't hesitate - to reach out today.

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Dog Training & Behavior Modification Services
Private In-Home Dog Training, Doggy Boot Camp Training, Support Dog Training, Service Dog Training, Dog Aggression Rehabilitation Training, K9 Protection Training, Sport Dog Training, Off-Leash Dog Training, Puppy Training, Behavior Modification Training, Guard Dog Training, Potty Training, Puppy Bite Work Training, Decoy Training, Bite Work Training, Gun Dog Training, Remote E-Collar Training, Marker Training.

We will Train your Dog to mimic your Lifestyle; that's our promise.

Services & Pricing
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Private In-home Dog Training or K9 Boot Camp Rehabilitation Training For Dog Aggression.
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The first 3-hour session is for private in-home foundation work focused on rehabilitation training. The follow-up 1.5-hour rehabilitation training sessions are for dog-on-dog aggression or dog-on-human aggression.

We also offer an 8 or 12 week Boot Camp for Rehabilitation training for Dog Aggression.

$400.00 - First 3 Hours Training Follow-up is 200.00 for(1.5 hours) May charge extra for travel. 8 Week Boot Camp Rehabilitation training price is 7265.00.
KENNEL SERVICES, for our Dog Boarding & Boarding and training services.


We offer Doggy Day-Care and Board &Train for our Doggy Boot Camp Graduates only. All Dogs must have a Certificate of Health, an update on shots, and a veterinarian contact.

$30 to $75.00 Per Day
Doggy Boot Camp Training & Puppy Boot Camp Training.
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We train your dog to mimic your lifestyle.

While your dog is here with us, we want you to come and visit your dog after the first or second week of training so you can see your dog's progress. So we can train you on what your dog has learned each week.

Advance off-leash e-collar training for Four, Six, or Eight weeks includes mini Educator ET-300 e-collar.

Your dog must be up to date on shots, have a bill of health, and must have your vet info for emergencies.

4 Week Boot Camp price, 4575.00. 6 Week Boot Camp price, 5575.00. 8 week Boot Camp price, 6575.00
Private In-Home Adult Dogs & Puppy Obedience Training. Call 386-320-1896


The first 2.5-hour session is for foundation work. The follow-up 1- hour sessions are for basic obedience training into advanced off-leash work.

$350.00 - First Session; Follow-up Sessions are 120.00. May Charge extra for travel.
K9 Boot Camp Training for K-9 Protection, Support Dog Training & Service dog training.
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Our boot camp training is a custom design program to meet your needs for your support dog, Service dog, or Protection dog because we train your dog to mimic your everyday lifestyle.

Starting at 15,000 for Boot Camp for K9 Protection. Eight-week Boot Camp for Support dog Training price 6575.00. Eight-week Boot Camp for Service dog Training price 6575.00.
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 Russell’s K9 Academy was the perfect fit for our 3 month old hound puppy. He was extremely knowledgeable in everything that we asked, explained the purpose served of each training activity, and gave our puppy lots of love. We are extremely thankful that we found him! We did the in home training session, but will also be attending the obedience lessons as well. Thank you Russell’s K9 Academy for setting our puppy up for success!!

Kelli Hallock

I was at my wits end with the 4th addition to our dog family. Skipper was my latest rescue and he has severe separation anxiety. His behavior was causing problems with my 4 year old yorkie. I reached out to Russell's K9 Academy. The transformation with all my dogs was almost immediate. I want to point out all of my dogs are under 10 pounds. So if you think that he only handles larger dogs, think again. Please don't wait, contact Russell's K9 Academy now. 

Tracy Schoneck

Once again Albert rode in on his Ford to save the day! Our littlest fur baby Dino, is having a had time with the concept of NO and Slow Down. Dino has 1 speed FAST! Albert showed up today and adjusted his gears. It just amazes me that when Albert shows up they play together and then fall asleep. We have brought Dino out with the other dogs 2 more times today, and to our surprise it worked the same way for us tonight! Albert just brings magic to handling your fur babies. And yes Albert I survived, and with my eyes open. 

Terri Harrison Barr

Like others I had a problem with my dog (Abbey) lunging at other dogs. I did have another trainer at much expense and we never got the problem resolved. I went to the dog park for just 1 lesson (for VERY LITTLE expense) and after 1 week (1 WEEK) my dog stopped lunging at other dogs.

Now I can enjoy walking with my dog and not have to worry about lunging and what appeared to be aggressive behavior. (it was not, as Albert explained to me). SO, don’t give up on your dog, go to Albert Russell.

Paul Jessie

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Book online or shoot us an email with any questions you have about our services. We can’t wait to meet you and your furry friend!
Also, Russell's K9 Academy is INSURED BY Lloyd's of London of PETCARE INSURANCE because it's the Law to protect you, your Dog, and your property! CERT. NUMBER PC153250. Russell's K9 Academy's place of business is protected 24/7 by ADT Security Systems. Our outdoor property and indoor home monitoring are Video & Audio recorded 365 days a year to protect your Dog because we care.
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