Tips for Preparing Your Dog for Dog Training School in Volusia County

Going to dog training school is a big commitment for both you and your furry friend. You want to make sure that your pup is ready to take on the challenges of learning new things and being around other dogs. Luckily, there are some easy things you can do to help prepare your four-legged pal for dog training school in Daytona Bech of Volusia County.

At Russell’s K9 Academy, we offer three generations of K9 training and K9 behavior modification rehabilitation training. Here at Russell's K9 Academy, we believe that no dog deserves to be ostracized, or worse, put down for their behavior. Our policy is that all dogs deserve the chance to thrive, and a dog training school is the best for your pup to be if he or she is in need of some attentive training. If you’re nervous about your fur babies training endeavor, don’t be! We’ve compiled some helpful tips for preparing your dog for dog training school in Daytona Beach.

1. Get them used to being away from you.

If your pup is going to be working with a trainer during the day, they’ll need to get used to being away from you for extended periods of time. This can be tough for some dogs, especially if they're used to having you around all the time. A good way to ease them into it is by gradually increasing the amount of time they spend in their crate or in a designated space in your home. Start with 30 minutes and work your way up to a few hours if possible.

Another great way to do this is to have your dog hang out with some trusted friends and family for a period of time. Maybe have your friend take them to the park or have your parents over to watch him or her for a few hours. Getting your pup accustom to spending time with others will be a key step in preparing them for Dog training school in Daytona Beach and easing your worries.

2. Socialize them as much as possible.

One of the main objectives of dog training school is socialization, so it's important that your pooch is comfortable around other people and animals before they start school. If you have friends or family members with well-behaved dogs, arrange play dates so that your pup can get used to being around other dogs. It's also a good idea to take them on walks around the neighborhood, so they can get accustomed to different types of people and noises.

You can also socialize your dog at the dog park. The dog park is a great place for pups of all kinds to get to know one another. Just be sure to observe strict dog park etiquette. Keep your dog on-leash if he or she can lash out at other dogs and be sure to warn owners of any unsightly behaviors.

3. Get them used to basic commands.

While most dog training schools will teach your pup the basics like sit, stay, come, down, etc., it's helpful if they already have a foundation before starting school. That way, they can hit the ground running and learn even more complex commands quickly. If you're not sure how to train your dog yourself, there are plenty of resources available online or you can sign up for one of Russell's K9 Academy's obedience classes.

Reach out to Russell’s K9 Academy today!

By following these simple tips, you can help prepare your dog for their big adventure at dog training school in Daytona Beach! And if you're looking for a top-notch dog training school in Volusia County, look no further than Russell's K9 Academy. We offer obedience classes, protection services, and even agility classes! Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you and your furry friend.

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