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Don't just hear it from us; our customers have benefited immensely from Russell's K9 Academy professional K9 training and dedication to all the dogs I've worked with. I'm a Third Generation Dog Trainer; My Mission is that No Dog is Left Behind because there is no Bad Dog just a miss understood Dog and they are Family!

Once again Albert rode in on his Ford to save the day! Our littlest fur baby Dino, is having a had time with the concept of NO and Slow Down. Dino has 1 speed FAST! Albert showed up today and adjusted his gears. It just amazes me that when Albert shows up they play together and then fall asleep. We have brought Dino out with the other dogs 2 more times today, and to our surprise it worked the same way for us tonight! Albert just brings magic to handling your fur babies. And yes Albert I survived, and with my eyes open. 

Terri Harrison Barr

Like others I had a problem with my dog (Abbey) lunging at other dogs. I did have another trainer at much expense and we never got the problem resolved. I went to the dog park for just 1 lesson (for VERY LITTLE expense) and after 1 week (1 WEEK) my dog stopped lunging at other dogs.

Now I can enjoy walking with my dog and not have to worry about lunging and what appeared to be aggressive behavior. (it was not, as Albert explained to me). SO, don’t give up on your dog, go to Albert Russell.

Paul Jessie

I was at my wits end with the 4th addition to our dog family. Skipper was my latest rescue and he has severe separation anxiety. His behavior was causing problems with my 4 year old yorkie. I reached out to Russell's K9 Academy. The transformation with all my dogs was almost immediate. I want to point out all of my dogs are under 10 pounds. So if you think that he only handles larger dogs, think again. Please don't wait, contact Russell's K9 Academy now. 

Tracy Schoneck

 Russell’s K9 Academy was the perfect fit for our 3 month old hound puppy. He was extremely knowledgeable in everything that we asked, explained the purpose served of each training activity, and gave our puppy lots of love. We are extremely thankful that we found him! We did the in home training session, but will also be attending the obedience lessons as well. Thank you Russell’s K9 Academy for setting our puppy up for success!!

Kelli Hallock

I called Albert 3 weeks ago. I had tried other training places and when I explained what was going on I was told no, we don't work with agressive dogs. I was at the end of my rope and starting to think it would never get better.

Albert came to the house and after 4 hours I have a different dog. I can now walk him and not come home with my arms aching from being pulled.

I can't thank Albert enough as I have a new dog and life is good at home now.

Linda Smiley

At about 5 months old, our German Shepherd Jeni she thought she owned the place, and she did! I began to wonder if I had purchased the wrong puppy for our family.

I learned about Albert from a person at a vets office. After his first visit, we had a new puppy! He showed us how to handle our now dear puppy and explained that she needed to learn that we are the Alpha and pack leader, not our German Shepherd!

We couldn't be happier with his training! He really saved us and such a nice person too!

Kim K. Harvell

I called Albert because I had a young black lab/bloodhound mix that decided that she was the alpha of the house.

Albert came to our house so that he could be in her territory. Within one month, I have a young lady that sits, lays down and stays on command. She has stopped the crazy barking at anything and everything. My dog is amazing and enjoyable...a true member of the family!

I would recommend Albert to anyone who has an animal out of control. He is THE DOG WHISPERER!

Ellie Hager

Albert Russell is an incredible trainer and a wonderful person in general!

We initially contacted Albert about an aggression issue. Within minutes, he knew exactly what was taking place and exactly what we needed to be done.

He was professional, kind and patient with us all. And I do mean all. Not only did our dogs need training but my husband and me also!

Albert's knowledge of dogs and dog language is incredible and I would recommend him to anyone for any problem.

Kim Taylor

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