Choosing a dog training school: what you need to know about dog behavior classes

When you hear of a "dog obedience school," you might assume it's a strict, regimented place for "red zone" dogs with destructive tendencies. While it's true that dangerous dogs need therapy, there's so much more to dog training than rehabilitation aggressive canines. Here's an overview of what you can expect from dog obedience training, and why every dog can benefit from behavior classes.

What is dog behavior school?

At K9 Academy, we think of dog behavior school as a place where dogs of every age, breed, and size can learn to become part of a pack. It's where they develop the social skills they need to thrive at home, and it's also where they end bad habits. 

What services do dog obedience schools offer?

When you're choosing an obedience school, it's important you select one that understands how dogs really think and what services they actually need. That's why dog obedience schools like K9 Academy offer a huge range of dog training services. The classes and training we offer include: 

Private in-home training

Our comprehensive command training services include:

  • Sit command
  • Down command
  • Stay command
  • No leash pulling
  • Feeding permission

Perimeters and boundaries

For dogs with boundary issues, we offer: 

  • Door answering training
  • Off-limit rooms and boundary lines
  • No bolting out the door commands


If you need help with keeping your dog under control during play, our services include:

  • Social problem remediation
  • Dog walking training
  • Leash control
  • Fetching and retrieving

Behavioral problems

Some dogs have more complex behavioral issues than others. The problems we can help you correct include: 

  • Food stealing
  • Separation anxiety 
  • Hand nipping
  • Hyperactivity
  • Anxiety 
  • Territorial behavior 

We also offer comprehensive support for abused dogs who need extra help with challenging behavior. 

K9 rehabilitation 

Dog aggression is generally correctable. We can help your dog with severe behavioral difficulties, including:

  • Fearful aggression
  • Dominant aggression
  • Dominance possessive aggression
  • Anxiety and phobias
  • Obsessions and fixations 

Even if your canine is a so-called "red zone dog" with severe aggressive tendencies, we can offer comprehensive rehabilitation therapy. We also offer special rehabilitation for military dogs, returning from warfare, who suffer from PTSD.

Are dog behavior classes just for aggressive canines?

Not at all, but this is a common misconception. Dog behavior classes benefit all dogs, including aggressive ones. If your dog struggles with excessive barking, car chasing, or ignoring verbal commands, K9 Academy can help. There's no such thing as a behavioral difficulty that's too small for dog obedience school. So, even if all your dog needs help with is fetching and retrieving, or simply staying off the road, there's a training solution available. 

Can all dogs be rehabilitated? 

As a third-generation dog trainer with years of experience in training and rehabilitating canines, I truly believe that there's hope for all dogs. For me, no dog should be left behind. Very often, all a stressed or aggressive dog needs is help from someone who understands its language and knows how to communicate effectively. 

At K9 Academy, we can teach every dog how to run with the pack. 

About Russell's K9 Academy 

Russell's K9 Academy is a dog training school based in Daytona Beach, Florida. At our Academy, all dogs are welcome because we know that every canine can benefit from dog behavior classes. Whether you're looking for private in-home training for basic commands, or you need help with long-term behavioral problems and aggression, we understand the laws of pack behavior, and we can help every dog reach its full potential. Contact us now to find out more. 

Choosing a dog training school is so important for changing your dog's behavior.
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