Can Aggressive Dogs Be Trained?

If your dog displays aggressive behavior, you may wonder whether it is possible to train them. The answer is yes. Aggression in dogs, whether aimed at an owner or other dogs, is a severe behavior that should be adjusted with the help of a professional dog trainer and veterinarian.

This article will provide information on whether aggressive dogs can be trained and what it typically entails.

What are the warning signs of aggression in dogs?

The term aggression refers to a wide variety of behaviors in dogs that can result from a multitude of reasons or circumstances. The behavior usually starts as a warning that can eventually lead to an attack, which is why it’s vital for aggressive dogs to receive training.

Some ways dogs may exhibit aggressive behavior include the following:

  • Growling
  • Standing rigid and/or still
  • Showing teeth
  • Snarling
  • A threatening or guttural bark
  • Bites that cause bruising or puncture wounds
  • Snapping or nipping at a person without leaving a mark
  • Biting that causes bruising or puncture wounds
  • Lunging at or charging at a human

Reasons why a dog may exhibit aggression

There are many reasons why a dog may show aggression or lash out. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), dogs can fall into one of the following categories of aggression:

  • Territorial
  • Possessive
  • Protective
  • Fearful
  • Unsocialized
  • Defensive
  • Experiencing pain

Aggression can manifest for several different reasons but mainly stems from environmental factors. For example, if your dog was adopted from a shelter, it may have been abused, and specific triggers could set them off. This is why it’s essential to show animals they are loved and create a safe environment for them to prosper.

In addition, if your dog is acting hostile after getting hurt, it is most likely experiencing pain, and when the pain is relieved, the aggression will go away. Remember this while you try to help them — trying to alleviate pain may cause more discomfort and for them to also lash out.

Also, territorial dogs may show signs of aggression when another human or animal approaches the item they feel possessive of, including their favorite humans. If this is the case, your dog must be trained to respect boundaries and know when protection is unnecessary.

How to train an aggressive dog

The first step to training an aggressive dog is identifying what they are aggressive toward. Do they show aggression toward a particular family member or other animals? It’s also essential to find out what in their environment is making them angry.

Once you know what is causing your dog’s aggression and to whom they are aggressive, you can work one-on-one with a professional dog trainer. However, before you start training, check with your vet to ensure your dog is healthy. A visit to the vet may help identify any underlying health issues that may be causing a change in your pet’s demeanor.

Reach out to Russell’s K9 Academy today for aggressive dog training.

At Russell’s K9 Academy, we regularly work with aggressive dogs and are more than happy to help with yours. It doesn’t matter what breed, what age, or how intense your pet appears – we’re certified Central Florida dog trainers, and we have the resources and knowledge necessary for rehabilitating aggressive dogs.

We’re here to serve all dog owners in the Daytona Beach area. Reach out today to learn more about our dog training services, including rehabilitation for dog aggression, in-person classes, and our dog obedience club. Call 386-265-3501. We look forward to meeting your pet!

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