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Why Proper Training for Dogs Is So Important and How You Can Be Proactive
August 15, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Russell's K9 Academy LLC - The Alpha Dog Talker

We've all seen the headlines about dog attacks, often by so-called bully breeds. However, all types of dogs can behave aggressively when provoked, regardless of breed. Not only that, but anxiety, boredom, and other issues can lead to other behavioral problems, like excessive barking, chewing, begging, darting, and more. Even dogs that initially seem to be well-trained can resort to negative or destructive behaviors when stressed. This is why proper training for dogs is essential for every dog owner. Here's what you need to know and what you can do to set your pet up for behavioral success.

Protect Your Loved Ones 

Biting and other aggressive behaviors are among the most common issues we see in dogs. In many cases, these behaviors don't stem from a problem with the dog itself, but rather an underlying issue in their environment. When dogs feel stressed, they can act out in unusual ways, often violently. 

Proper dog training is about more than just training the dog; it also includes training the humans who care for the animal. When you are able to provide an environment that makes your dog feel safe and secure, it will have greater trust in you and won't feel as threatened in unfamiliar situations. This can drastically reduce its need to assert its dominance through aggressive behaviors as it knows you are taking on the dominant role. 

Keep Your Belongings Safe 

If you've ever come home from a long day at work to discover that your dog has destroyed your favorite pair of shoes or ransacked your child's toy box, you know how frustrating it can be. After all, how are you supposed to stop this type of destructive behavior when you aren't around to see it? In many cases, dogs behave destructively because they are bored or frustrated. 

Implementing an exercise program for your dog (and yourself!) can often be enough to nip chewing in the bud. It is also a good idea to provide plenty of safe chew toys for your dog to play with while you are out. For anxious dogs, crating can be helpful as well, helping them to feel more secure. Finally, dog training can teach your dog which items are acceptable for chewing and which are off-limits. 

Minimize the Risk of Losing Your Dog 

Many dogs love to dash out the door as soon as you open it. While this may have been cute or funny at first, it won't be that way when you can't track down your beloved pooch. With proper training, your dog can learn to respect the boundary of the front door. This will make it much easier to welcome guests into your home and will give you greater peace of mind that your pup won't sneak out when you aren't paying attention. 

Improve Your Dog's Overall Well-Being 

Behavioral problems in dogs often come from underlying psychological issues, like anxiety or depression. These mental health issues can be particularly common in rescue dogs who have had troubled pasts. Dog training in these situations is all about helping your dog feel safe and secure. Throughout the training process, you'll build a much stronger relationship with your dog, enabling it to have greater trust in you. Over time, you'll likely find that your dog becomes more friendly, welcoming, and content as the bond between the two of you grows and deepens. 

Get Started with Training for Dogs Today 

Here at Russell's K9 Academy, we provide training for dogs from all walks of life. There is no behavioral problem too complex for our expert trainers to handle. We'll work closely with you throughout the training process so you can build on the lessons learned at home on your own. Reach out to us today to learn more and schedule a consultation to discuss your dog's training needs. 

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