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Russell's K9 Academy: Basic Training or Rehabilitation?
October 2, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Russell's K9 Academy LLC - The Alpha Dog Talker

There's no such thing as a bad dog, but some dogs and their owners can definitely benefit from the help of a professional dog trainer. At Russell's K9 Academy, we offer dog boot camp training that is specialized to the needs of you and your pet, ranging from basic obedience to possessive aggression.

K9 Rehabilitation Program

While we offer our popular basic obedience classes, our K9 Rehabilitation Program offers training for dogs who struggle with a variety of issues that can be difficult for owners to take on by themselves.

Here are just a few of the issues we take on at the K9 Rehabilitation Program.

• Red Zone Dogs

• Dog Abuse

• Phobias

• Anxiety

• Obsessions/Fixation

• Hyperactivity

• Low Self Esteem

• Military Dogs with PTSD

Our work with dogs who have experienced trauma is incredibly important to us. Whether it be from abuse or warfare, animal PTSD is heartbreaking and isn't talked about near as much as it should be.

Many dogs, sometimes due to experiences of trauma, will act out with aggression. Obviously, this behavior is unpleasant for owners and the dogs themselves. We help rehabilitate dogs with different kinds of aggression, including:

• Dominance Based Aggression

• Dominance Possessive Based Aggression

• Fearful Aggression

We specialize in both dog on dog aggression and dog on human aggression. We also offer a variety of options to ensure that your dog's training is specialized to them and their needs. If you feel your dog would be more comfortable at their home turf, we can train them there. We also host training at my Academy, where your dog can join a boot camp.

Ths boot camp helps dogs communicate with other dogs in a healthy, safe, and fun way. If your dog struggles with aggression towards other dogs, it's possible it could be due to trauma or having not been socialized as a puppy. We can help with both of these issues to ensure your dog has no problem making canine pals wherever they go!

The services that we offer are Basic Obedience, Advanced Off Leash Obedience Training, and K9 Rehabilitation for all life stages and all Breeds. Puppies, Adolescent dogs, Adult dogs, and Senior dogs.

Basic Obedience Training

Whether you have a year old puppy or a senior dog bossing you around, basic obedience training can be helpful to every kind of dog. Russell's K9 Academy is experienced and capable with training dogs who struggle with all kinds of obedience issues.

This includes a lot of issues owners have with puppies, such as:

• Jumping Up on People

• Food Stealing

• Trash Can Digging

• Soiling in the House

• Crate Anxiety

• Car Anxiety

• Excessive Barking

• Hand Nipping

Puppy training can be difficult for any dog owner, new or experienced. Every puppy is different, and they're each going to have their own little quirks and behavioral issues, many of which can persist well into their adult years. Luckily, we offer obedience training for these issues too:

• Car Chasing

• Excessive Digging

• Excessive Barking

• Separation Anxiety

• Perimeter Territorial

• Phobia Anxiety

• Obsessions / Fixation

• Hyperactive Dogs

• Low Self Esteem Dogs

• Abused Dogs

Our basic obedience training is less intense than our rehabilitation program. If you feel your dog's behavioral issues are relatively minor, we're happy to help you with our basic obedience training program.

Reach out Today

Whether your dog can't stop digging through the trash or is struggling from trauma, we want to help. With our variety of programs available, you can select the program that you feel is best for you and your pet. Book online with ease today!

Unsure about which program is best suited to your pet? Have any other questions about our programs? Please don't hesitate to reach out through our email, or by phone at (386) 265-350.

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