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Dog Obedience Training FAQs
July 10, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Russell's K9 Academy LLC - The Alpha Dog Talker
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With the right dog obedience trainer, it’s possible to transform even the toughest canines. A lot of people think they’ll never get their high-energy, anxious, or even aggressive dog to settle down and become the perfect family pet. The truth is, even dogs who have gone through trauma or neglect can learn how to thrive as happy, confident, obedient animals.

If you’re considering dog obedience training, take a look at the answers to some of our frequently asked questions. You can find out what will happen when you bring your dog to Russell's K9 Academy.

Why is my dog aggressive?

If your dog is aggressive with other dogs, or even people, that doesn’t mean there’s necessarily something wrong with your pet. Nor does it mean you did anything to harm your beloved pet!

Often, dogs exhibit aggression with other dogs because they lack social skills. They may read the cues of other dogs the wrong way. This often happens because they never had the chance to develop those canine social-psychological skills when they were a puppy.

At Russell’s K9 Academy, we specialize in rehabilitating aggressive, dominant dogs. We can empower your grown-up pup with the skills he needs to get along with other dogs. This even includes other alphas.

What about my rescue dog – can you help my extremely nervous pet?

Yes, we can. We've helped lots of high-anxiety rescue dogs who grew up dealing with neglect or other forms of abuse. We've even helped military dogs with PTSD. No matter your pet's dilemma, there’s always a way.

Dogs who act nervous, afraid, or even overly aggressive can be pretty unpredictable. They’ll bark, lunge, or snarl at someone for no reason. Or, sometimes they do this with everyone who isn’t in their household ‘pack.’

Either way, we can help. The K9 Rehabilitation Program is specifically designed to help dogs who went through a stressful period. We work with them to learn the right skills and help them adjust to their new life.

Do you work with puppies?

We don’t just work with puppies, we love puppies! We offer basic obedience training for canines of all ages and stages. This includes rambunctious fluff balls to old dogs who, with our skills and experience, can definitely learn new tricks.

Where does training take place – can you come to my house?

You can bring your pet to us for his or her dog obedience classes. This can be a great opportunity for your pet to build invaluable social skills with other canines and to gain confidence.

But, we also offer in-house private training for canines anywhere in the Daytona Beach area if that’s more convenient for you.  

What breeds do you work with?

Our experienced trainers can work with all breeds from Dobermans and German Shepherds to gentle giants like Newfoundlands and Great Danes to all the little guys. Whether you have a Border Collie or a Bulldog, we’re here to make sure your pet has the training he needs to get the most out of life.

How long will it take for my dog to start showing an improvement?

This can depend on the dog and what they need to learn. But you’ll likely see an improvement right away.

It may take some time to form those healthy habits. Also, your dog may also need some lifestyle changes like more exercise or more opportunities to socialize with other dogs to see a total transformation.

Get in touch with the alpha dog talker today to discuss your pet. We'll take the time to learn a little more about your dog and your obedience training goals. From there, we can let you know what amount of training should yield the results you want to see.

We can’t wait to meet your best friend!

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