Is In-Home Dog Training in Orlando Right for Your Dog?

Whether it’s a pedigreed puppy or a senior rescue, every dog needs training to feel confident and comfortable as a member of your family. The rules of your home may not be apparent to your dog, causing minor behavioral problems to worsen over time or even develop into much more serious issues like separation anxiety or aggression. Group classes are great for exposing your dog to new environments, controlled socialization, and group learning. But all dogs can benefit from in-home dog training in Orlando. We’re discussing a few of the situations where dogs benefit from a trainer visiting the home.

Get help to introduce a new puppy to your home.

There’s nothing more exciting than bringing home a new puppy, whether it’s from a rescue or a breeder. For the puppy, it’s a dramatic change––leaving their littermates, or a noisy shelter, or the foster home where they’ve grown comfortable. Consulting with a trainer before bringing your puppy home will ensure your home is “puppy-proof.” They’ll also help you establish a routine to acclimate your new dog to the rules of your home.

A trainer will help with proper socialization for your puppy and ease many of the struggles of puppy ownership: house training, teething, biting, and destructive play. They can also recommend group classes that would be most beneficial for your dog, as well as activities like agility, lure coursing, and more.


Teach a rescue dog manners and boundaries.

Rescue dogs–whether you get them from a private organization or the city shelter, have already been through a lot in life. You may luck out and get a perfectly trained dog who acclimates to your home in a few days. However, it’s more likely that you’ll have a canine who takes a while to feel comfortable, trusting, and understand its place in your home.

Many adopters encounter frustrations with their new rescue dog. In-home dog training in Orlando will prepare you for common issues. But it’ll also give you management techniques and strategies for giving your rescue dog–no matter how rowdy or unmannered–the best start in its new home.

Learn healthy socialization and rehabilitation for aggressive behaviors.

It’s unfortunate, but aggression can arise in any dog, both from reputable breeders and shelters. It can result from abuse, lack of socialization, fearfulness, or guarding behaviors. Whatever the reason, aggression puts your family, neighbors, and the dog itself in danger.

In-home dog training in Orlando will identify the source of the aggressive behavior and its triggers, whether people, dogs, or resource guarding. Trainers will work alongside owners to manage the aggression and treat the underlying cause to help your dog become happy, healthy, and well-socialized.

Border Collie jumping through the hoop at NZDAC Gore New Zealand

Resolve common behavioral problems for good.

Most people will enroll in training classes when they first get their dogs. But as time goes on, owners will accept some behavioral problems as their dog’s personality quirks. Poor manners––like barking in the house or backyard, rushing at doors, and chasing cars––aren’t something you have to accept for the life of the dog.

Unlike group training classes, in-home dog training in Orlando focuses on your unique dog and its specific issues. Each session helps your dog learn alternative behaviors to the undesirable actions permanently. No matter your starting point, a well-mannered dog is possible with in-home training.

Find out more and enroll with in-home dog training in Orlando with Russel’s K9 Academy.

We’re a family-owned business based in Daytona and serving all of central Florida. Our master-trainer, Albert Russel, is a third-generation certified dog trainer who has worked with dogs since he was five years old. He founded the K9 Academy on the training philosophy using the universal language of pack hierarchy, letting us communicate with all dogs, regardless of age or breed. The Russel’s K9 Academy approach to dog training will not only help your dog become a polite family member but will also deepen your bond with your furbaby.

Reach out to our team for in-home dog training in Orlando enrollment or more information about our range of services.

In-home dog training in Orlando.
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