What K9 Training Academy Can Do for Your Aggressive Dog

Russell's K9 Training Academy is the culmination of over 40 years of dog training and behavior modification expertise. Using my skills as a third-generation certified dog trainer, I've been able to rehabilitate aggressive dogs that other trainers might have given up on. 

Do you have a dog that's exhibiting aggression against humans or other dogs? If so, you may feel overwhelmed and helpless, especially if traditional obedience methods aren't working. The good news is, there are professionals out there that can help you and your beloved furry friend. I'm proud to say that K9 Training Academy has a lot to offer dog owners across Florida. 

We Help Dogs of All Ages and Breeds

Some dog trainers are only willing to work with puppies or particular breeds. These restrictions are typically put in place because older dogs and certain breeds of dogs can be more difficult to train. As an experienced certified dog trainer and behavioral specialist, I'm passionate about helping dogs of all ages and breeds struggling with aggression. Whether your dog is a puppy, adolescent, adult, or even senior, I have the know-how to find solutions for them. 

We Tailor the Program for Your Dog

There are different types of aggression in dogs that require different approaches to rehabilitation training. Dog-on-dog aggression and dog-on-human aggression, for example, shouldn't be approached in the same way. I also work regularly with dogs experiencing dominance aggression, dominance possessive aggression, fearful aggression, military dogs with PTSD, and more. I adapt the program to suit the unique needs of you and your pet. 

We'll Train Where They're Most Comfortable

With many dog training programs, you have to drive out to their place of business to meet with the trainer. This can be a problem for people that don't have time to drive across town and those with dogs who become distressed when in cars. With Russell's K9 Training Academy, you have the freedom to request that your dog be trained at home or at my Bootcamp. 

Please note, very severe canine rehabilitation cases are done on-site for safety reasons and to give your pet the best treatment possible. 

We'll Improve the Pet/Owner Relationship

To achieve the desired long-term results, we must address the relationship between you and your dog. If your dog is aggressive with you and refuses to listen to you, there could be several explanations. There could be a hierarchy issue, where you're not asserting your dominance or your dog is lashing out from feeling as though they're at the bottom of the pack. 

There could also be issues regarding the dog's Universal language, which is typically taught to dogs as puppies by their mother. If they're struggling to express themselves and you're having trouble interpreting, things could be getting lost in translation. No matter the fracture in the pet/owner relationship, I'll help identify and mend it. 

Contact Russell's K9 Training Academy Today

If you have any questions about the impact the K9 Training Academy can have on your dog, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can get in touch with our friendly team by calling 386-265-3501, emailing russellsk9academy@gmail.com, or filling out the online form. If you'd prefer to speak with us in person, you can find us in Daytona Beach at 757 Greenway Place. We're open during the week from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

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