What Does it Mean to be a Certified Master Dog Trainer?

Let’s face it; dogs rarely come to us completely trained with an easy disposition.

And all dogs benefit from some kind of training regimen.

However, different training certifications mean different things, and it can dictate what kind of training your dog receives.

So what kind of dog trainer does your dog need? And do you need to use a certified master dog trainer? Here at Russell’s K9 Academy, we think it’s important you know the difference.

If you have a dog with issues around reactivity, food possession, behavioral problems or recovering from a traumatic experience, you should seriously consider working with a certified master dog trainer. However, even if you just want your dog to know basic commands and behave well with others, they will also benefit from working with a master dog trainer! Truly, there’s no downside to working with a trainer with experience and expertise for every breed.

Here’s what it means to be a certified master dog trainer and questions you may have about dog training.

What’s a certified master dog trainer?

A certified master dog trainer has received extensive training from a master dog training school. This training enables participants to train dogs for all kinds of situations, from basic obedience training to K9 and militant training. It takes years to complete and is considered one of the highest levels of dog training around.

What kind of training does my dog need?

This completely depends on the kind of behavior your dog exhibits. If your dog starts to snarl and growl when you go to touch its toys or food, you likely need to address issues around possessive behavior. If your dog barks and pulls when you walk past another dog, you need to work on reactive behavior. The best thing to do is contact a dog training center and let them know what’s going on with your dog.

My dog is a little older; is it too late to train it?

Fortunately, unlike the age-old saying, old dogs can learn new tricks. Even senior dogs are capable of making some changes. If your dog has some behaviors that don’t work well with your living situation, you can work with a professional to change them. The most important thing is to observe when your dog exhibits this unwanted behavior and identify any potential triggers.

Can I train my dog on my own?

While at-home training costs less, it’s important to work with a professional on any major behavioral issues. Certified master dog trainers, in particular, can help meet you where you’re at, observing your lifestyle as well as your dog’s behavior, providing invaluable insight that you might miss.

At Russell K9 Academy, every one of our trainers is qualified to help you and your pup strengthen your bond and develop the positive behaviors you’re looking for. Whether you have a brand new puppy or have just adopted an older dog, we can help provide the structure and tools needed for raising a well-behaved dog.

Want to learn more about our services? Contact us today!

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