What to expect from Russell's Academy dog boot camp training

Your dog’s devotion to you is unshakable. It’s only fair that you reciprocate. Too often, dog owners fail to effectively train their pups. However, training your dog effectively and humanely requires ample time and expertise. This is why dog boot camp training is so imperative. Luckily, at Russell’s K9 Academy, we’ve been supplying Central Florida with premier K9 training services for three generations. Unlike competitors, my intrinsic understanding of pack psychology enables me to generate unrivaled results.

Here’s what to expect from dog training camp:

What is dog boot camp training?

Dog training camp teaches your pup acceptable behavior and lays a necessary foundation through intensive, one-on-one training with seasoned professionals.

These professionals give your dog the undivided attention it deserves and needs to rehabilitate its behavior. However, overexertion is never a concern. Trainers and staff ensure your dog gets abundant downtime to relax and recover.

When your dog isn’t receiving instruction, they enjoy time galavanting with peers. At Russell’s Academy, we offer custom solutions that return each pup more regal than ever imagined.

Why you need dog boot camp training

Training requires far more than researching techniques online. Commanding a canine’s full attention in a healthy way that engenders respect instead of fear takes years of experience.

Negative, averse training has severe, long-term consequences on dogs. Examples of negative training include shouting, special collars, and pushing or pulling them. This is just scratching the surface. Most tactics commonly employed by uneducated trainers are unacceptably negative.

Averse training tactics cause dogs to develop stress-related behavior, a rise in cortisol, and more ‘pessimistic’ behavior. Training your dog is a necessity. A poorly trained dog is a hazard to everyone, including themselves. This is nothing short of negligence.

However, training requires weeks of daily, rigorous activity. It requires understanding canine psychology extensively. If you lack the experience or time to train your pup, Russell’s Academy is the perfect solution. Your dog is always there to support you. This is how you return the favor.

What to expect in dog boot camp training

Before training

If your dog has dietary restrictions, separation anxiety, or any conditions that need to be monitored, inform the staff. Also, visit your vet for a professional opinion. Ask what they recommend you tell the staff. This is the most pertinent information to provide.

Fundamental commands

During training camp, dogs learn rudimentary commands like:

  • Stay
  • Come
  • Sit
  • Heel
  • Down

Unlearning negative behaviors

During puppy boot camp, dogs also unlearn negative behaviors like:

  • Unnecessary barking
  • Toilet-training
  • Destroying things
  • Digging
  • Biting/nipping

By focusing on 'rewiring' each dog's brain, we set crucial boundaries and utilize positive training tactics to amend their behavior in a healthy, constructive way.

Through a calm, composed approach, we eliminate undesired habits and equip you with the tactics needed to maintain these changes. Ultimately, you'll learn the value of positive and calm reinforcement, toys, and food as incentives.


The facility you chose should be transparent with their methods, boarding, and every other aspect of the process. If they aren’t, this is a serious red flag.

However, you should be transparent, too. Tell them precisely what outcomes you’re expecting and what you don’t want to expose your dog to. It’s critical to establish boundaries.

Follow-up training

To ensure changes are long-lasting and your dog continues to grow healthily, inquire about follow-up training.

Enroll your dog in dog boot camp training now!

If your dog needs training, but you simply don’t have the time, energy, or experience necessary to train them, Russell’s K9 Academy is your premier solution. As Central Florida’s premier certified K9 training specialist, my tailored, results-driven services are simply unmatched. With three generations of canine training in my blood, I have a unique gift that enables me to attune to the psychology of each dog. Enroll your dog now! It’s easy to call your dog your best friend; now it’s time to put your money where your mouth is.

A brown dog being with the lower half of its owner in the background, wearing shorts and resting his hands on it. Like any relatoinship, your relationship with your dog takes work. That's precisely what dog boot camp training does!
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