Are Puppy Obedience Trainers Worth It?

When a new puppy enters your life you take on a lot of responsibility because you only want what’s best for them and your family. But raising a puppy can be tough work, and many pet owners reach out to puppy obedience trainers to help teach their pups commands, boundaries, and more.

But as a new (or perhaps experienced) pet owner, you may be wondering if it’s worth reaching out to a trainer for your puppy. It’s a common concern many pet owners have, so let’s get into whether or not a puppy trainer is right for you and your dog, and how I can help you both.

Why Choose a Puppy Obedience Trainer?

When deciding whether or not to enlist a trainer’s help, ask yourself if they will help you and your pup be happier. For many pet owners, the answer is a resounding yes.

Obedience trainers not only help your dog learn the skills and get the exercise they need but can give you peace of mind that your pup is on their way being a well-behaved, confident, and healthy dog. For most dog owners, these reasons alone make it worth reaching out to a trainer.

I can teach your dog all essential commands while appreciating and adapting to their personality and energy level, including:

  • No leash pulling
  • Sit command
  • Down command
  • Stay command
  • Down from a distance
  • Hidden stay command
  • Come command
  • Heel command
  • Leave it command
  • And more

These are some of the most common and important commands for your pup to learn. They’re not only important just because they can help you have a well-behaved dog, but because they can help keep you and others safe, especially if your pup is highly energetic, skittish, or does not always react pleasantly to strangers.

But your pup benefits from more than just a few commands; we teach your pup to respect perimeters and boundaries, including:

  • Running out the door
  • Answering the door with manners
  • Freedom in the house with no playing
  • Staying off roads
  • Staying out of off-limits rooms

Helping your dog respect perimeters and boundaries is another major benefit of hiring us as your pup’s trainer; the restrictions ensure your pup is well-behaved and understands where it is OK to go and where it is not OK to go—with or without you having to tell them. Your pup learning these commands early on can help save you headaches and money down the road, helping ensure your pup does not cause damage to your home or others’ property.

Give Your Pup the Training They Deserve

Whether you’re a first-time dog owner or you’re looking to do it differently this time around, it’s I can help you give your pup the attention, deviation, and patience they deserve as their personal puppy obedience trainer. I’m proud to serve my neighbors in and around Daytona Beach, Florida. Reach out to us today to learn more.

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