Why Daytona Beach Dog Trainers Recommend Swimming

Dog owners are a special breed of people. They’ll do just about anything to ensure their four-legged friends are happy and healthy, and that includes getting them plenty of exercise. While the routine walk around the neighborhood is always a welcome treat for your pup, sometimes it’s good to mix things up. That’s why the Daytona Beach dog trainers here at Russell’s K9 Academy recommend taking your little furball swimming instead. Doing so brings with it these numerous benefits.

Benefits of swimming for dogs.

It’s a fantastic form of exercise for dogs.

Since most adult dogs sleep up to 9-14 hours a day, it’s no wonder why they’re always so full of energy when they’re awake. If you don’t help them release that energy in a productive manner, your furry family member will likely let it out in a less than desirable way, such as getting into the trash or ripping into the couch pillows. Swimming is a helpful way to let dogs exhaust themselves while simultaneously burning calories and building muscle.

Dogs can exercise without the negative consequences.

Even for people, swimming is a highly touted form of exercise because it’s considered “no-impact,” which means that it doesn’t have the same adverse effects on your joints as something like running does. The same is true for your dogs. If you let them go swimming on a regular basis, they can strengthen their heart and lungs, decrease inflammation, and improve their metabolism — all without putting any unnecessary stress on their joints and tendons.

Swimming is an excellent source of mental stimulation.

Dogs need to stimulate their minds just like humans do. It’s how they alleviate their boredom, reduce their hyperactivity, and lower their levels of aggression and stress. Our team of dog trainers in Daytona Beach has found that swimming provides all of the necessary mental stimulation to remain happy and healthy. It gives them a change of pace from their ordinary walks around the neighborhood, and you can incorporate fun games such as water fetch to make it even more effective at tiring them out both mentally and physically.

Your dog can build confidence while having fun.

There are no two ways about it - swimming is downright fun for your dogs. Once they get used to the water, the biggest challenge you’ll face is getting them to get out of it, so if you’re looking to show your pup a good time, this is a surefire method. Not only will they have fun, though, but they’ll also be building confidence in themselves at the same time. You can let them off their leash because there’s less of a chance of them getting away, and that allows them to explore freely and naturally interact with their surroundings.

It’s the perfect option on hot summer days.

You have to be cautious about exercising your dog on hot summer days, because they can quickly overheat if you aren’t careful. Swimming, however, sidesteps this hurdle. The cooler water helps to regulate their temperature while out in the summer heat, so they aren’t as likely to experience this issue. That makes swimming the ideal way to keep your dog active and healthy even in the hottest months.

Are you interested in taking your dog swimming?

Then contact the expert Daytona Beach dog trainers at Russell’s K9 Academy. As a family-owned and operated dog training business, our certified dog trainers and behavioral specialists are dedicated to helping your little furball develop both physically and mentally. One way we do that is by providing special swimming exercises designed to help improve your dog’s health, build their confidence, and let them have fun. Learn more about our various training programs, or send us a message online with any questions you might have.

Dog trainers in Daytona Beach tout the many benefits of swimming for your dog.
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