Benefits of Taking Your Dog to a K9 Training Academy

There’s no question that dogs make the best companions. But if you recently adopted a new pup, they can be challenging to manage if they’ve had no training. Whether you generally have a good dog that needs to learn a few manners or one that regularly gets in trouble and needs some guidance, there are many reasons your dog could benefit from attending a K9 training academy. Read on to learn more.

1. Closer bond with your dog

Studies show that owners with behaviorally sound pets tend to have a stronger bond with their pets. Having a well-trained, obedient, happy, and responsive dog means that you will get more pleasure from being a dog owner and will likely be closer to your dog.

2. Improve obedience

K9 training academies can teach your basic dog commands like sit, down, and stay — enabling you to manage your dog easier. Better obedience skills mean your dog can join in on all the family fun and events instead of being shut away from the party alone. Consistent classes can teach your dog to come when called, walk controllably on a leash, and greet someone politely instead of jumping or barking.

3. Develop solid social skills

Socialization is essential not only for humans but also for dogs. Learning how to respond to other dogs and what is acceptable and not acceptable in dog language is a life lesson they will need to know to socialize with other pets. Even if your dog does not go out a lot, classes at a K9 training academy will help them on encounters such as walks, appointments, or going into a kennel or boarding.

4. Increase safety for your dog and those around you

One of the most significant benefits of training your dog at a K9 training academy is increased safety for your pup and those around you. That’s because a well-trained dog is safer around family and friends and is at a lower risk to themselves than an uncontrollable dog.

5. Gain new knowledge

Taking your dog to a K9 training academy can be fun for you and your dog. The training can be stimulating and engaging and offers you a chance to socialize. You can also pick up new skills or information concerning canine training, techniques, and methods that you can use to further your pup’s training at home. Plus, the chance to talk with other dog owners and experts can be invaluable as you resolve training difficulties or problems with your dog. They will likely understand what you are going through (from puppies chewing their way through the house to dogs barking) and may have further tips and suggestions.

6. Reduces damage

Does your pup love to chew on things or constantly bark at every person they see? Another benefit of K9 training academies is that they will be taught to behave and know that destroying property or barking at everyone they see is unacceptable.

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At Russell K9 Academy, every one of our trainers is qualified to help you and your pup strengthen your bond and develop the positive behaviors you’re looking for. Whether you have a brand new puppy or have just adopted an older dog, we can help provide the structure and tools needed for raising a well-behaved dog.

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