Benefits of Board and Train in Florida

Sending dogs away to board and train has become extremely popular in recent years. While sending your energetic puppy away and receiving back a perfectly trained companion sounds great, is it that simple? We’ll discuss what you can expect from boarding and training your dog in Florida in further detail below.

What is a board and train in Florida?

Board and train facilities for puppies are similar to boot camps. Owners place their puppies in a facility’s care for two or more weeks and are assured of a well-behaved puppy at the end of the stay. While your dog is at board and train, they will work with trainers to tackle everything from basic obedience to eliminating behaviors like aggression or fear.

What a board and train can do for your puppy

A board and train in Florida can be highly effective for teaching your puppy new behaviors and help solve any behavior problems you’ve encountered since you brought them home. Most facilities teach obedience, leash walking, and house manners in a structured setting. When your puppy returns home, you will be given the commands and skills necessary to transfer what they learned into your home environment.

What a board and train in Florida cannot do for your puppy

While a board and train can help establish good manners for your puppy, it isn’t a quick fix or magical solution. Puppies have specific behaviors when they are at home, such as nipping, potty training trouble, and attention-seeking behaviors like stealing your favorite pair of socks or slippers. If your puppy has any of these behaviors, it’s best to start with private training in your home for these specific goals.

Additionally, if your puppy has extreme separation anxiety, a board and train in Florida may not be the best option for them. That’s because changing to an unfamiliar environment can worsen your puppy’s behavior, and in some cases, it can be dangerous if your dog panics and tries to escape the home or facility.

Questions to ask a board and train facility

You don’t just want to hand over your puppy to any facility. You’ll want to find someone you can explicitly trust. Here are some questions you should ask trainers when researching board and train facilities in Florida:

  • How and when will my puppy be confined? Asking this is essential to ensure your puppy won’t spend all day in a crate or kennel.
  • How many dogs do you train at a time? You may want to consider looking into facilities that offer smaller programs to ensure your puppy gets the attention they need.
  • What happens when my dog learns a new skill correctly or gets it wrong? You’ll want to make sure that your puppy is rewarded with a treat or game if they get a skill right. And that they are not treated harshly if they take a while to get a new skill right.
  • Do you require vaccine records for dogs in your care? Be sure the facility you choose requires up-to-date vaccines and a negative fecal test.

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