Understanding your dog's Universal language and Universal Laws of Hierarchy Behavior
They are worth it that's why I have given 50 years of my life working and training mans best friend and it's been so Rewarding and I feel very Blessed for saving Lives and Relationships

As time went on, after learning more about how to work with dogs, something was missing. Then I started to research Wolves and Wild dogs and knew what was missing was that Wolves and Dogs have a Universal Language and Universal Laws of Hierarchy; their psychology significantly differs from ours, and they have a hierarchy which is a pecking order of ranking and chain of command which consists of the Alpha, Beta, Tester Female, Gamma-ranking Male dogs down to the Omega Female dog. They all have different jobs to work as one unit in the pecking order. To my surprise, the Beta Male or Female dog is the bodyguard and Enforcer of the rules, boundaries, and limitations for the Alpha Male and Alpha Female dogs. The Tester goes around to test the other dogs in the pack to ensure they comply with the rules, boundaries, and limitations of the pecking order. The Tester informs the Beta dog, the Enforcer, to correct the dog for breaking the rules in the pack so that there is order and compliance with the laws, boundaries, and limitations in the group that Alpha Male and Alpha Female set. I could go on and on, but it would take hours to explain everything I have learned about Wolves and mans best friend the dog.

Next, let's talk about Domesticated dogs. Now what I did was put together a pack of dogs to study by watching and observing their body language and energy to understand their Universal language and the Universal Laws of Hierarchy Pack Behavior so that I could learn how to communicate their language and Hierarchy Pack Behavior Engagement back to them and take on the Alpha role as their Pack leader because dogs sign language through body gesturing and in Engagement 98% of the time. This helped me to understand their language and Behavior. Understanding the Universal language and Universal Laws of the Hierarchy Pack Behavior of dogs would improve my training skills and allow me to get desired results quicker than conventional K9 training.

Today with the use of my philosophy, I have saved Thousands of dogs from being Euthanized after other Trainers and Veterinarians said that the dogs were not fit to live in our society; unfortunately, this happens every day, and this causes our Shelters across our country to become filled to their capacity due to not understanding the Universal Language of Dogs and Universal Laws of Hierarchy Pack Behavior and due to this over 4 million animals in our shelters are being euthanized every year, for me this is a severe problem. Training is essential for Man's best friend and owner because it will save lives!!!

This is why I have dedicated my life to teaching and training people to become the best in working and training their dogs. Love you from Russell's K9 Academy.

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