5 Easy K9 Training Tips

You’re on your way home from picking up your new puppy. In the backseat of the car your new furry friend is sound asleep. You breathe a sigh of relief and admire how well-behaved she is. Although, once you bring her home, all of those nightmares other owners told you about start to come true. Piddle on the floor, torn up furniture, and gnawing on the woodwork. Eventually, you resolve that it’s time for some puppy training, but where to start? 

Give a name. 

Pick a name that fits your dog and begin to routinely address your puppy as such. Eventually, she will catch on and begin to respond to you. It is important to understand that once you decide on a name, you must commit to it to avoid confusion. Try not to decide on anything too soon. Sometimes it takes a few days to get to know your new best friend and settle on the most suitable name.

Set some ground rules. 

While she may think she owns the place already, it's still your house. To foster obedience, start to set some ground rules in the house. For example, if your pet is prone to shedding or digging, make a rule to stay off the furniture. Common pet owners restrict their pets from entering certain rooms in the house. These rules may seem unfair or cruel, but they will be good for both you and your pet in the long term.

Encourage good behavior. 

When she finally begins to go to the door for the bathroom or obediently responds to you, reward her with a treat. As puppies begin to understand the difference between good and bad, they will understand the concept of being rewarded and continue to adhere.


Try to get in the habit of playing with your dog. Whether it’s play fetch in the yard, catching a ball, or playing hide and seek, games will create a sense of kinship between you two. Playing with your pets also gives them the required exercise they need to live a healthy life. They will also sleep better at night and be calmer throughout the day.

Take walks. 

For the first couple of months you will need to use a leash. As you walk, try to keep her walking at your side and close to you. Eventually, she will get used to being near you and you’ll be able to remove the leash. 

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K9 training tips for you dog.
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